That’s right! I said it out loud! I am headed to the PotashCorp Country Music Week being held in Saskatoon! I got media accreditation for the whole week except for the media room on the Sunday night. I am SO ok with this! I am really happy for getting where I HAVE gotten. This is an incredible opportunity.

The CCMA Awards is a sign that summer is coming to an end. The big scene for me this summer was Craven. I realize I haven’t told you about this yet. So, let’s change that.


First and foremost, Craven is no longer Craven Country Jamboree. It IS in fact a part of the Country Thunder group. Now, this is good and bad. It does give them some money for upgrades. The main stage is all grass now (NO MORE WOOD CHIPS!!), main street has been paved and the main street washrooms have all been upgraded. And believe me, that REALLY needed to be done. But. Sitting all night in the “gopher run” is pretty much pointless. It starts at the last section of the runway. What is in front of it? Platinum (paid) Seating. It is still good. But if you are looking for front row seats, you aren’t getting them from the “gopher run” anymore. I still did it. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Patty and I got out there on the Tuesday night. Best. Idea. Ever. Having the ability to pull the trailer in and set it set up with no one around was fantastic. We could take our time and watch people move in slowly over the next few days.  It starts out pretty lonely! We noticed that the camping numbers were pretty low this year. Something we were attributing to the new Platinum Seating.

The Festival officially started on Thursday. Although we were sitting in the “gopher run” for Friday’s shows, my friends let me take off to catch the majority of The Road Hammers as they kicked off the weekend as only they can! Alright. If you haven’t seen them live, go look up and see where they are playing near you and get tickets. Just, do it. They are…the only word I can really come up with is explosive! I LOVED IT! I danced the whole time! They look good. They sound good. The crowd sang along with oldies like “Mud” and “I’m a Road Hammer” as well as with their new single “Crazy About You”. Any new music was well received. Well, first, the album kicks ass and second, how can you not love it when this is happening:

These guys are absolute showmen and the crowd completely buy whatever they are selling. It is obvious they love their fans as much as the fans love them. Do not miss seeing them. Ever.

After a long night in line, the seats were obtained. I can’t even being to tell you the amount of anxiety it caused me. Let’s just say I have amazing friends. Our seats were near the end of the runway and nothing to sneeze at! Lol! Does anyone say that anymore? I just did. Oh well.

Can we please have a discussion about Meghan Patrick? OH. MY. GOD! I am so in love with this girl! She is my Canadian “Miranda”. She is stunning and her legs are phenomenal, so let’s get that out of the way.

Apart from this, she is so amazingly talented! This was my first time seeing her live and I am a believer. I met her at the fan booth:

One of my favourite songs right now is “Come And Be Country With Me” so hearing it live was a huge treat for me. She works the stage with ease and energy. You really can’t help but get in to it.

The band who really surprised me, because I wasn’t sure what to expect was LoCash. I really enjoyed them! I didn’t know very much about them, I knew a couple of songs. I am not so arrogant to say I know everything about country music. Anyway, They were totally in to it. They were up and down that runway and interactive. It was great to watch.

Honestly, there were not many people who were not up and dancing, especially when they sang their hits “I know Somebody” and “I love this life”. They are very, very charismatic.

I was so glad to finally have the opportunity to see Old Dominion. I have really enjoyed them since they came out and to see them live was fantastic. I don’t know if it’s just Craven or if it was these bands in particular, but they really seemed to be having a great time. They were enjoying the crowd a lot:

These guys are master musicians. Everything sounded crisp and flawless. I would love to say something bad about them, but I honestly can’t!

When THAT is going on in front of you, it is impossible to give anything but a positively glowing review. They sounded great and they looked great. They were completely in to the crowd and signing autographs.

Then. The whole reason we stayed in line all night – Blake Shelton.

Well, he didn’t come all the way down the runway, so that was a bummer. I also didn’t find him as fun as last time. There was just something that was not as sparky. He was good, don’t get me wrong. He was enjoyable to listen to. He was nice to watch. But I was left wanting.

I did love hearing “Came here to Forget” and “Everytime I hear That Song” live. There was one thing that I thought was a bit…I don’t know. I just thought it wasn’t as funny as maybe some people thought. He sang “All My Exes Live In Texas” and I just thought that wasn’t very nice. If you are truly over it, then you don’t need to sing a song like that.

Then, I found out after the weekend that Gwen Stefani and her children were apparently with him that weekend. Did this affect his performance? Who can say. Anyway, he honestly was not one of my favourites of the whole weekend, but he was really good.

On Saturday, we saw James Barker Band. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favourites. I saw them on the Dean Brody Beautiful Freakshow Tour. They were great. A festival is totally their element though. It was awesome to be outside, drinking beer and listen to these guys in the sunshine.

They are fun and super talented. What I really like about them is that they like to have a good time with the crowd. That means so much to me. That’s what I pay for! I pay to see the artist interact with us. Seeing them having a good time makes it so much better for me as a fan!

If ever can you see them, do it. Seeing “Chills” live, no matter the venue, is worth the price of admission!

Now, I can’t decide who was more entertaining, Cassadee Pope or her mega fan Nicholas. Cassadee of course is gorgeous and looked fantastic:

I won’t lie. I am laughing as I write this. Nicholas was in the front row of the general area. He was about 30. Stood a solid 6’2″. He was wearing overalls and a straw hat. Under the hat, he had a shaved head and he also wore a short beard. He was the LEAST LIKELY Cassadee Pope fan. This guy danced and sang his heart out to every song. Hard. Super Hard. It was so distracting that even Cassadee stopped and said, “I am sorry, but what, is your name man?” he said, “Nicholas” and she started laughing and said, “I love you Nicholas.” And he screamed back, “I Love you Cassaddee!!!” Like he was a full on super fan. She did come over and at least get a little close to use, so she couldn’t have been to afraid of him.

To top it off, security came out and gave him an autographed set list from Cassadee and I guess she wrote a note to him. Nicholas was almost crying. I was…I didn’t know what I was. I wanted to laugh but it was so cute that I felt bad laughing. Anyway, she did a super job and made Nicholas’ day.

Dallas Smith was someone I was looking forward to seeing. And with reason. He was by far one of my favourite acts of the weekend. He ran in and came right over to the general area, forget the people in the front row!

He is active and engaging and sounds awesome live. I will see him over and over again. If anyone ever wants to go, please ask me! Hearing some of the old stuff is always great, but bringing out his wife to dance with to his newer single “Autograph” was so sweet. And let me tell you, “Sky Stays This Blue” live outdoors is AMAZING!

So Here is a weird pic. I have a pic of him taking a pic of me………

Go and get this new album and he is going out on tour so make sure you get out and see him. TOTALLY worth it!

The Saturday night headliner was Toby Keith. For political reasons, I didn’t go. I also didn’t go to Leopold’s Tavern after…where Dallas and Toby played a couple of songs together. I know. I know. I am sorry. I just couldn’t. I am sorry.

Sunday brought with it two of my favourite acts of the weekend…Cold Creek County and Keith Urban.

As most of you are aware, Cold Creek County has a new lead singer – Ches Anthony. You would never know he wasn’t a member of the band from day one!

He is so charismatic and full of energy. He is an absolute asset to an already fantastic ensemble. I really enjoyed seeing them pull out the old favourites like “Our Town” and “Beer Weather” but I was equally thrilled to see them perform new stuff like “Homegrown”.

One of the highlights was Josh and Ches breaking down some Bruno Mars, with dance moves and everything:

It is undeniable that Ches was a great addition. The guys sound and look great! I would recommend catching them in your town if you can!

 The festival closed out with Keith Urban and I could think of no finer way to do so:

Ever the consummate performer, Keith is completely engaged with his audience from the moment he steps on stage:

Even some celebrities came out to catch the performance, as we saw Josh and Justin from Cold Creek County. They were awesome enough to stop for a chat and take a couple of pics:

Urban quite literally left us speechless and wanting more. For Me, the highlight was was hearing “Blue Ain’t Your Color” live. It was magical. He is someone I would pay to see again and again. He is a gifted musician and by far one of the best performers I’ve seen live.

In retrospect, I had a great time once again. I met some fun people, saw some great friends and heard some fantastic music. The platinum seating was the only thing that really hacked me off. I feel like these festivals are geared for the fan who will camp in the rain, stand out in the heat all day and wait in line all night. So people paying for the privilege of getting up close just didn’t seem fair to me. But money prevails, I suppose. This for me was the only real downfall. With the upgraded facilities, it made my overall experience more enjoyable. 

There were news reports of nudity at Craven this year. I personally did not witness this. However. It’s not surprising since the they added a Mardi Gras beads vendor. My experience was the same as always, there was plenty of security and police presence. I never felt unsafe. 

So far Luke Bryan is on the ticket for 2018 and I am already looking forward to it!

In honour of the CCMA Awards being in Saskatchewan this year, here is Hunter Brothers latest “Born and Raised”





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