And The Winner Is

The best way to explain the CCMA experience is take Craven and turn it up a few notches. You are dressed up. You are networking. And you are meeting some amazing people.

The main fear I had was not knowing anyone. I thought that staying with my friend Linda Heldman was a good decision. IT WAS! Not only do I love this woman to death (I swear we were sister’s is a previous life) but even after day one I learned so much from her and met so many people. I feel truly blessed to have a woman I can honestly call a mentor.

I will be posting over the next couple of days because there is so much. But I covered some great events!

There is one thing I’d like to speak to right off the top. On the live broadcast of the CCMA Awards on Sunday night, it looks as though Dean Brody is asleep when he is called to accept the award for Apple Music Fans’ Choice. Now I can’t say if he was asleep for sure. My seats were good but not THAT good. What I can say is that it doesn’t really matter to me. He is an amazing artist and philanthropist. He works hard and has had an extremely busy schedule all while coping with personal problems. Some say he looked like he passed out. For me it’s a sign of a person who needs a break. Dean is a straight-up nice guy and publicly apologized for this so maybe we can lay off the crucifixion. If you can say you’ve never dozed off in public before then you are far better than he or I. I’ve done it more than once myself. Alright. I’m done with my “Team Brody” speech now.

Since you have all been so patient, I thought I would gift you with a recap of the winners list with a few photos I took from the Green Carpet and the Gala media room. So let’s go!

Obviously, Apple Music Fans’ Choice – Dean Brody:

Album of the Year – “Side Effects” by Dallas Smith:

Female Artist of the Year – Meghan Patrick:

Male Artist of the Year – Brett Kissel (who came to the Green Carpet with his family):

Group Or Duo of the Year – The Road Hammers:

Single of the Year – “Autograph” by Dallas Smith:

Video of the Year – “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair” by Brett Kissel:

Songwriter of the Year – Song: “Time” performed by Dean Brody:

Roots Group of the Year – The Washboard Union:

Interactive Artist of the Year – Brett Kissel:

SiriusXM Rising Star Award: Meghan Patrick:

Stay tuned! There’s more to come! But I WILL leave you with the Video of the Year – “I Didn’t Fall In Love With Your Hair” by Brett Kissel. I suggest you grab the Kleenex box for this one:


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