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Sorry I have been away for a bit – but here is the second post to my shiny new blog!  I have been working out a few things for it regarding formatting and content so I hope you can forgive me.

Let’s get started!


I don’t know about all ya’ll (yes…I just pulled out a ya’ll), but there is something I love about Dolly Parton!  No guys…I am pretty sure it is not that same thing that YOU love about Dolly Parton.  She just seems so darn sweet and I feel like if she saw that I was sad she’d bake me a pie. It is almost impossible not to have a soft spot for her.  Well, we are all about to get a lot more Dolly in our lives.  According to some news sources there are several made for t.v. projects about Dolly in the works. They will capture her life story as well as tell the story of some of her songs on film.  Two confirmed songs for production include hits “Jolene” and “Coat of Many Colors.”  Here’s to Dolly – country music’s answer to Meryl Streep.  Yes, I also love Meryl and believe she could play Batman if you let her.

If you are planning to be in the Nashville area on November 1st and happen to be a biker, Dierks Bentley announced his 10th annual Miles and Music For Kids Motorcycle Ride and Concert.  This event benefits the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.  The concert is set to include Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, Canaan Smith and The Cadillac 3 and Brooke Eden.  More stars are expected to join the line up as the date nears.  Tickets for this event go on sale August 21.  Hmmm…it may be time to consider buying that Harley I’ve always wanted.

Jennifer Nettles shocked her social media followers this weekend by revealing her newly darkened locks.  The Sugarland lead singer, who had previously been a blond, changed her hair colour to a beautiful rich brown, much to her son’s dismay. According to Nettles, his response was “No, not that one.”  There is speculation that her colour was changed in preparation for her role as Avie, Dolly Parton’s mother, in “Coat of Many Colors”.  I am not sure what you guys think, but I think she looks amazing:


Now this may not qualify as country fashion because technically it is gear girl fashion, but it probably qualifies as “country girl fashion”. There are a number of us out there that like motorcycles, dirt bikes and big trucks.

If this sounds like you then you need to check out Machine Girl.  Started by Tina Stefanson, Machine Girl is made for female riders by female riders.  With everything from tank tops to bikinis, Stefanson’s “Ain’t no model but I can twist a throttle” motto shows the boys that girls can play just as hard and look WAY better doing it:

Machine Girl's photo.    Machine Girl's photo.     Machine Girl's photo.     Machine Girl's photo.

Prices vary, of course and this is just a small sample of what Machine Girl has to offer!  If you are interested in some of this awesome gear for yourself or a friend, you can contact my girl Tina at and she can hook you up! In the meantime, go ahead and like her Facebook page Machine Girl Clothing and follow her on Instagram at _machinegirl


I have decided that once a week (on Fridays specifically), we will do the rising star edition of Red, White and Country.  On the other days, I would like to maybe cover some new releases.  Since I have an unabashed love for Blake Shelton, I have decided that the new release of the day will be “Gonna” by Blake Shelton. This is his fourth release from Bringing Back the Sunshine and (as per usual) it is great!  With lyrics such as “Girl I’m diggin’ on hittin’ on you tonight” and “So what’s it gonna take?/What’s it gonna be?/We can pump it on the boulevard/Or kick it in the country” it is easy to see that living in L.A. has not affected his country boy charm. Despite his recent divorce from country diva, Miranda Lambert, Blake has continued to go about his business of being on the set of the The Voice and tweeting smart-ass remarks. I don’t believe this is an “official” video for the song so there is no Blake in it.  Regardless, here it is in all its Glory, “Gonna” by Blake Shelton:


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