Goodbye, Gambler.

I was very, VERY young when I started listening to country music. When I say young, I mean, my early influences were Ray Griff, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, and Kenny Rogers….with the First Edition.

Many of you may not know he had a couple of bands before he became just “Kenny Rogers”, but he did. That’s when he released great songs like “Ruben James” and “Something’s Burnin’ “.

And now….he’s gone. Like that, Kenny is gone. I mean, he was poorly and 81. He was never going to live forever, none of us do. But I guess I thought Kenny would be the one thing I could count on to always be around. Now he’s not.

I have so many memories, so much of my past wrapped up in his albums. His music has been a colorful tapestry woven in and out throughout my life. His passing has brought me more sadness, more grief, than I thought it would.

It feels like I’ve lost a close friend. Someone who’s known me since I was a baby. Someone who has been on family vacations with me. Someone who has laughed, cried, had beers with friends with me. Someone who was at my wedding. His music has touched every part of my life.

With that, I’d like to bid farewell to our close friend, Kenny Rogers. He will be deeply missed by all.

The world is a crazy place right now. Tell the ones you love, that you love them. Hug the ones you’re in quarantine with. Be kind to one another. We really need each other .

You’d think I would leave you with “The Gambler” because of the tile of this piece. Well, I’m not. One of my very favourite songs by Kenny is this one, and I think it’s very fitting. Here is “You Decorated My Life”:


About Susie Krivak

I was born in raised in Canada and LOVE all things country! Some may say I'm a redneck - I take that as the compliment I know it was intended to be.
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