We Watered it Down A Bit

Things have been moving pretty quickly with the podcast. While learning to edit one, I had a couple more to do! I won’t complain though, I love being able to bring you such great content!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! Please help me in welcoming the newest addition to the Red, White and Country, Staff, Head Kitty in Charge of Snuggles, Fozzy:

We adopted this gorgeous boy from the Winnipeg Humane Society and we couldn’t be happier! Foz is a domestic mixed breed medium length hair 4 year old kitty who needs a special diet and a quiet environment. His sweet, cuddly nature won us over, making the other stuff unimportant. When the animal finds you…you do what you have to! He CERTAINLY found us!!

Alright. Enough fur baby talk. But seriously. HE’S SO FLUFFY!! Ok…on with the show. Because I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady…

Today’s guest is a phenomenal artist from Quebec. Matt Lang was the Sirius Top of The Country winner this year.

His latest single Water Down The Whiskey is an upbeat modern country tune that will literally get your toe tapping.

Matt is busy with both a tour in Quebec right now AND preparing to release a new EP but this down to earth guy took a few minutes to chit chat with us. We talk about his award, his music AND his shoes, so make sure you check it out!

Since our call, he’s also been asked to join Tebey on tour as a special guest! Be on the  lookout for that show coming to your town:

Take a look for Matt on all of his socials:

WEBSITE: http://mattlangmusic.com/
FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/musicmattlang/
TWITTER:  https://twitter.com/MatthsLang?s=09
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/matt_lang_music?igshid=1uxzxzvs7fnd7

While you’re doing that, Here is another song of Matt’s that REALLY like, Love Me Some You:

You’ll find Water Down The Whiskey along with some other GREAT music on the Red, White and Country Spotify playlist for this week.

And as promised here is Episode 2 of The Red, White and Country Podcast:






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