You Only Love Me…


If you are anything like me you have a soft spot for 80’s country, and that includes mother-daughter duo The Judds.  Well, these 2 lovely ladies will be reuniting this fall in Las Vegas for 9 shows at The Venetian Hotel starting October 7th.  It has been 25 years since they produced a studio album together.  It is unclear if something is in the pipeline, however the fact that the show talks about the past and “looks toward the future” indicates that there may be a collaborative project in the works.  Tickets for the Judds’ Las Vegas shows go on sale on August 28th at The Venetian box office.  Sounds like the perfect occasion for a “Girls’ Night Out” to me!

Luke Bryan is about to head out on his 7th annual Farm Tour.  This year, Bryan is getting a little help from Sam Hunt, Chris Janson, The Peach Pickers, Chancie Neal, and D.J. Rock.  A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will fund scholarships to students from farming families in communities in Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Bryan’s home state, Georgia.

It is no secret that Toby Keith is one proud American but he is apparently also an American with a soft spot.  On August 21st at his concert in Charlotte, NC, Keith brought 93 year-old veteran Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell on stage to thank him for his 35 years of service.  After a 2 song serenade to Frizzell (including the song “American Soldier”), Keith handed the microphone to the retired serviceman.  Frizzell spoke about his time in Vietnam, Korea and World War II and said he is proud to represent the United States of America, a statement that hit home for Keith.  He may be an “Angry American” but his dedication and devotion to US servicemen and women is undeniable.


Any country girl (or guy) can tell you that an important part of their wardrobe is boots.  Today I would like to take a look at legendary boot maker, Tony Lama.  The company got started in 1911.  Tony Lama became a shoemaker’s apprentice at the age of 11 and from there the rest is history. Within a short time, the demand for Lama’s boots skyrocketed.  To this day, the quality and craftsmanship lives on, with Tony Lama boots being the most highly sought after boot.  They are unparalleled in comfort and design, American made and come a variety of prices and styles.  Time to save my pennies to invest (or I guess nickels since we no longer have pennies in Canada).  Here are a couple of my favourites:


To find these and other beautiful styles check out the Tony Lama website:


Ok, I know I said that I was going to look at new releases, but based on the fact that I just covered Tony Lama boots, I think it is only right that we have a discussion about Miranda Lambert.

I have seen her once live and I was left extremely disappointed.  Although I love her music and typically I find her songs either heart-felt or empowering in some way, when I saw her live at the CMA Festival in Nashville, I found her very off-putting.  Don’t hate on me for saying that because what I saw from her was a shade on the disrespectful side.  I watched her put her high heel through a beach ball on stage and throw it back in to the crowd.  Now maybe she has matured or “softened” but this really turned me off from her.  That being said, this blond-headed Texan girl can sing her ass off and I love this song to bits!  Guys and gals, “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert:


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