Birthday Coming Up…

Birthdays. That reminder that you’re another year older. SURE! When you’re young they are fun! As you get older and start to see 50, you don’t appreciate the day as much. It’s a reminder of lost youth, if nothing else.

Then there is the “What do you want for your Birthday?” I don’t know what I want to eat most days, much less what I want for a gift. Lol!

None of us anticipated this pandemic to last as long as it has. It has hit all industries hard, especially our music industry. From road crew, to artists, to people who work the festivals, it has been dismal.

These are the people that provide the background music to our lives. That song that was on when you drove your first truck. The one that played when you danced with your junior high crush. Or what about that one that was on the radio when you had your first kiss? These songs are woven into our memories.

These songwriters and artists and the people who bring them to us, they need our help. I normally don’t ask a lot from my followers. I think it’s cool enough that you follow me at all!! But, this year, for my birthday, please consider donating to the Unison Benevolent Fund. This wonderful group is dedicated to providing support to members in the music community.

I greatly appreciate it. I know they do.


About Susie Krivak

I was born in raised in Canada and LOVE all things country! Some may say I'm a redneck - I take that as the compliment I know it was intended to be.
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