CCMA Awards Show And Green Carpet 

I would love to say I have a bunch of great photos of the show for you. But  the fact of the matter is, I don’t. My phone, well, it was dead. I used an entire charged battery plus a charger on the Green Carpet. That was an experience in it’s own right. The roar of the crowd when people arrive is crazy! You know someone is there before even seeing them. They are brought over along a line where they can meet fans and talk to press. It’s VERY VERY busy. I was at the photograph scrim. The photos I do have in this article are all from there. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.



James Barker Band


Aaron Goodvin




Dean Brody and Shevy Price


Madeline Merlo


Alan Doyle


JJ Shiplett


Eric Paslay


The Lovelocks


Cold Creek County


Aaron Pritchett


The Road Hammers


Lindsay Ell


Tim Hicks


Brett Kissel


Chad Brownlee


Dan Davidson


Brett Young


Hunter Brothers


Gord Bamford


Gord Bamford and Jim Cuddy


Jim Cuddy


Shae Dupuy


Chris Buck Band




Dallas Smith


High Valley


Meghan Patrick


Wes Mack

To be be honest, I am glad my phone was dead because for the first time in a very long time, I got to be in the moment and not live the experience through my lense.

The Award show was a production like no other. It was grand on every scale. The stage looked slick. The sound was perfection. The air was electric as artists and fans alike came together to celebrate the biggest night in Canadian Country Music.  My seat was phenomenal (10 rows up from the side stage). And there he was. I could see Blake sitting on the floor from where I was. It was a little surreal. That was the only time I really felt star-struck the whole weekend! Ok. There was maybe one other time, but I will never say when and with whom!

All of the performances were executed with precision and were phenomenal but there were three that really stood out to me. The first one was “Shine” by The Washboard Union. It was absolutely magical. I felt like I was sitting in a snow globe and seeing them all dressed in white just added to the fairytale-like feeling. Second, “Sky Stays This Blue” by Dallas Smith. Yeah. I know. I have a Dallas Smith thing happening right now. But if you saw this performance, you would understand why! He is absolutely riveting to watch because he is so completely passionate about his work. I met him after the show that night and he is also a fantastic guy. Third, “We Were That Song” by Brett Kissel. Alright, if this performance did not blow your socks off, you can’t be a country music fan. There is a reason that Brett Kissel is currently one of the men to beat in this genre and that…that said it all! His command of the stage and his love for his fans and the audience (which is obviously reciprocated) make him electric! It. Was. Wow.

After the show, I attended the Saloon Jam being hosted by Ole. It is a pretty difficult ticket to get, but thanks to some family, Linda and I were able to go. The only photos allowed were by their photographer. It is a very private event, so they ask for people to take no photos or video. Sorry gang. I will say this, it was one hell of a party!


It’s a month later now and I am looking back at the whole week. It was exhausting. My comfiest shoes weren’t comfortable enough. I felt like I was constantly running. I CANNOT WAIT until CCMA Week in Hamilton next year! Sounds crazy right! Lol! I admit it does. Give me a second to explain.

Despite the sore tootsies and late nights (that’s what frozen spoons are for), it was the most incredible experience! I learned so much and I met so many people, both friends and business contacts. This experience taught me that even though I am the “new kid on the block” that maybe I can hold my own a little bit in this crazy world of digital media. I learned that I am not afraid to approach someone and introduce myself. So, there was a lot going on, I guess you could say. I know over the next year my skills will improve and next year will be a really different experience. Considering this was my first, I am more than pleased.

Last but not least, I would like to give a huge thank you to Jess Seguire and the penelopePR Team who did a phenomenal job of wrangling us up, keeping things under control and also for taking a chance on this small town kid. I honestly cannot thank you enough.


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I was born in raised in Canada and LOVE all things country! Some may say I'm a redneck - I take that as the compliment I know it was intended to be.
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