Side Effect

Hi Everybody,

If you have ever been on any type of chemotherapy, whether it was/is for high blood pressure, anxiety, cancer, or anything else, you know that with these come a fantastic list of side effects. My doctor decided to try something new for a few months. The pain seems to be slowly improving. But the side effects are crazy. Lack of concentration, nervousness, nausea, dizziness sometimes. These are just the worst ones.

Between trying to make this adjustment and some family priorities, I’m a little behind. I promise – I have a couple of great interviews lined up and will probably have more after CCMA week. 

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I really appreciate it.

Talk Soon!  


About Susie Krivak

I was born in raised in Canada and LOVE all things country! Some may say I'm a redneck - I take that as the compliment I know it was intended to be.
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