That’s right! I said it out loud! I am headed to the PotashCorp Country Music Week being held in Saskatoon! I got media accreditation for the whole week except for the media room on the Sunday night. I am SO ok with this! I am really happy for getting where I HAVE gotten. This is an incredible opportunity.

The CCMA Awards is a sign that summer is coming to an end. The big scene for me this summer was Craven. I realize I haven’t told you about this yet. So, let’s change that.


First and foremost, Craven is no longer Craven Country Jamboree. It IS in fact a part of the Country Thunder group. Now, this is good and bad. It does give them some money for upgrades. The main stage is all grass now (NO MORE WOOD CHIPS!!), main street has been paved and the main street washrooms have all been upgraded. And believe me, that REALLY needed to be done. But. Sitting all night in the “gopher run” is pretty much pointless. It starts at the last section of the runway. What is in front of it? Platinum (paid) Seating. It is still good. But if you are looking for front row seats, you aren’t getting them from the “gopher run” anymore. I still did it. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Patty and I got out there on the Tuesday night. Best. Idea. Ever. Having the ability to pull the trailer in and set it set up with no one around was fantastic. We could take our time and watch people move in slowly over the next few days.  It starts out pretty lonely! We noticed that the camping numbers were pretty low this year. Something we were attributing to the new Platinum Seating.

The Festival officially started on Thursday. Although we were sitting in the “gopher run” for Friday’s shows, my friends let me take off to catch the majority of The Road Hammers as they kicked off the weekend as only they can! Alright. If you haven’t seen them live, go look up and see where they are playing near you and get tickets. Just, do it. They are…the only word I can really come up with is explosive! I LOVED IT! I danced the whole time! They look good. They sound good. The crowd sang along with oldies like “Mud” and “I’m a Road Hammer” as well as with their new single “Crazy About You”. Any new music was well received. Well, first, the album kicks ass and second, how can you not love it when this is happening:

These guys are absolute showmen and the crowd completely buy whatever they are selling. It is obvious they love their fans as much as the fans love them. Do not miss seeing them. Ever.

After a long night in line, the seats were obtained. I can’t even being to tell you the amount of anxiety it caused me. Let’s just say I have amazing friends. Our seats were near the end of the runway and nothing to sneeze at! Lol! Does anyone say that anymore? I just did. Oh well.

Can we please have a discussion about Meghan Patrick? OH. MY. GOD! I am so in love with this girl! She is my Canadian “Miranda”. She is stunning and her legs are phenomenal, so let’s get that out of the way.

Apart from this, she is so amazingly talented! This was my first time seeing her live and I am a believer. I met her at the fan booth:

One of my favourite songs right now is “Come And Be Country With Me” so hearing it live was a huge treat for me. She works the stage with ease and energy. You really can’t help but get in to it.

The band who really surprised me, because I wasn’t sure what to expect was LoCash. I really enjoyed them! I didn’t know very much about them, I knew a couple of songs. I am not so arrogant to say I know everything about country music. Anyway, They were totally in to it. They were up and down that runway and interactive. It was great to watch.

Honestly, there were not many people who were not up and dancing, especially when they sang their hits “I know Somebody” and “I love this life”. They are very, very charismatic.

I was so glad to finally have the opportunity to see Old Dominion. I have really enjoyed them since they came out and to see them live was fantastic. I don’t know if it’s just Craven or if it was these bands in particular, but they really seemed to be having a great time. They were enjoying the crowd a lot:

These guys are master musicians. Everything sounded crisp and flawless. I would love to say something bad about them, but I honestly can’t!

When THAT is going on in front of you, it is impossible to give anything but a positively glowing review. They sounded great and they looked great. They were completely in to the crowd and signing autographs.

Then. The whole reason we stayed in line all night – Blake Shelton.

Well, he didn’t come all the way down the runway, so that was a bummer. I also didn’t find him as fun as last time. There was just something that was not as sparky. He was good, don’t get me wrong. He was enjoyable to listen to. He was nice to watch. But I was left wanting.

I did love hearing “Came here to Forget” and “Everytime I hear That Song” live. There was one thing that I thought was a bit…I don’t know. I just thought it wasn’t as funny as maybe some people thought. He sang “All My Exes Live In Texas” and I just thought that wasn’t very nice. If you are truly over it, then you don’t need to sing a song like that.

Then, I found out after the weekend that Gwen Stefani and her children were apparently with him that weekend. Did this affect his performance? Who can say. Anyway, he honestly was not one of my favourites of the whole weekend, but he was really good.

On Saturday, we saw James Barker Band. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favourites. I saw them on the Dean Brody Beautiful Freakshow Tour. They were great. A festival is totally their element though. It was awesome to be outside, drinking beer and listen to these guys in the sunshine.

They are fun and super talented. What I really like about them is that they like to have a good time with the crowd. That means so much to me. That’s what I pay for! I pay to see the artist interact with us. Seeing them having a good time makes it so much better for me as a fan!

If ever can you see them, do it. Seeing “Chills” live, no matter the venue, is worth the price of admission!

Now, I can’t decide who was more entertaining, Cassadee Pope or her mega fan Nicholas. Cassadee of course is gorgeous and looked fantastic:

I won’t lie. I am laughing as I write this. Nicholas was in the front row of the general area. He was about 30. Stood a solid 6’2″. He was wearing overalls and a straw hat. Under the hat, he had a shaved head and he also wore a short beard. He was the LEAST LIKELY Cassadee Pope fan. This guy danced and sang his heart out to every song. Hard. Super Hard. It was so distracting that even Cassadee stopped and said, “I am sorry, but what, is your name man?” he said, “Nicholas” and she started laughing and said, “I love you Nicholas.” And he screamed back, “I Love you Cassaddee!!!” Like he was a full on super fan. She did come over and at least get a little close to use, so she couldn’t have been to afraid of him.

To top it off, security came out and gave him an autographed set list from Cassadee and I guess she wrote a note to him. Nicholas was almost crying. I was…I didn’t know what I was. I wanted to laugh but it was so cute that I felt bad laughing. Anyway, she did a super job and made Nicholas’ day.

Dallas Smith was someone I was looking forward to seeing. And with reason. He was by far one of my favourite acts of the weekend. He ran in and came right over to the general area, forget the people in the front row!

He is active and engaging and sounds awesome live. I will see him over and over again. If anyone ever wants to go, please ask me! Hearing some of the old stuff is always great, but bringing out his wife to dance with to his newer single “Autograph” was so sweet. And let me tell you, “Sky Stays This Blue” live outdoors is AMAZING!

So Here is a weird pic. I have a pic of him taking a pic of me………

Go and get this new album and he is going out on tour so make sure you get out and see him. TOTALLY worth it!

The Saturday night headliner was Toby Keith. For political reasons, I didn’t go. I also didn’t go to Leopold’s Tavern after…where Dallas and Toby played a couple of songs together. I know. I know. I am sorry. I just couldn’t. I am sorry.

Sunday brought with it two of my favourite acts of the weekend…Cold Creek County and Keith Urban.

As most of you are aware, Cold Creek County has a new lead singer – Ches Anthony. You would never know he wasn’t a member of the band from day one!

He is so charismatic and full of energy. He is an absolute asset to an already fantastic ensemble. I really enjoyed seeing them pull out the old favourites like “Our Town” and “Beer Weather” but I was equally thrilled to see them perform new stuff like “Homegrown”.

One of the highlights was Josh and Ches breaking down some Bruno Mars, with dance moves and everything:

It is undeniable that Ches was a great addition. The guys sound and look great! I would recommend catching them in your town if you can!

 The festival closed out with Keith Urban and I could think of no finer way to do so:

Ever the consummate performer, Keith is completely engaged with his audience from the moment he steps on stage:

Even some celebrities came out to catch the performance, as we saw Josh and Justin from Cold Creek County. They were awesome enough to stop for a chat and take a couple of pics:

Urban quite literally left us speechless and wanting more. For Me, the highlight was was hearing “Blue Ain’t Your Color” live. It was magical. He is someone I would pay to see again and again. He is a gifted musician and by far one of the best performers I’ve seen live.

In retrospect, I had a great time once again. I met some fun people, saw some great friends and heard some fantastic music. The platinum seating was the only thing that really hacked me off. I feel like these festivals are geared for the fan who will camp in the rain, stand out in the heat all day and wait in line all night. So people paying for the privilege of getting up close just didn’t seem fair to me. But money prevails, I suppose. This for me was the only real downfall. With the upgraded facilities, it made my overall experience more enjoyable. 

There were news reports of nudity at Craven this year. I personally did not witness this. However. It’s not surprising since the they added a Mardi Gras beads vendor. My experience was the same as always, there was plenty of security and police presence. I never felt unsafe. 

So far Luke Bryan is on the ticket for 2018 and I am already looking forward to it!

In honour of the CCMA Awards being in Saskatchewan this year, here is Hunter Brothers latest “Born and Raised”




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I’ll Get Better – Cross My Heart


Let me apologize for my delay in posting. This summer has seen a few very exciting moments for us. A trip to Nova Scotia, Craven (a WHOLE post on it’s own), and the early arrival of my gorgeous niece, Presley Ann Margaret Roy:


She was born 6 weeks early, weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces and is already out of the St. Boniface NICU and at home at a WHOPPING 4 pounds 4 ounces. She is by far the smallest and mightiest member of our family and obviously we are completely in love! Our family would like to thank the staff at the St. Boniface Hospital for taking such great care of my sister and my niece. They were wonderful to all of us. No offence though, it is great to not have to see Presley there. We are so happy she is home.

Between all of this and some crazy weather cells that have been in the area lately, I am behind. But I am trying to catch up! So hang in there with me!


There are a few things that are quintessentially Canadian; our flag, our “monopoly money”, maple syrup and you certainly must include Stompin’ Tom Connors on to this list. In association with Canada 150, Anthem Legacy, which is a part of Ole Label Group,will be releasing the Stompin’ Tom Connors 50th Anniversary self-titled CD.


This will be the first ever Stompin’ Tom release that the Ole Label Group has done and it was released on June 30th. It can be purchased here:

Tom was born in St. John, New Brunswick and was raised in Prince Edward Island. He hit the road at 15 and over the next 13 years saw every nook and cranny of Canada. His iconic songs were stories of the places he saw and the people he met along the way.  He released 6 original albums with Dominion records before leaving to sign with Boot Records, where he recorded 10 more original albums. These works included Tom and a host of other artists.

TomGuitar-Ovr-ShoulderCrop_HR (1).jpg

Listening to this album made me feel…child-like. It reminded me of summers spent in Nova Scotia. I brought back fond memories of my Nanny and my Uncle Percy, who I miss dearly. It made me feel really Canadian. It made me feel like I was sitting in Nanny’s kitchen in Port Wade on a Saturday night while people dropped in and told stories and had a laugh. The songs are fantastic and stand up, but a song like “The Hockey Song” really has a special meaning if you are Canadian. There are four covers on the album and they are all really good. George Canyon’s cover of “The Hockey Song” strays a bit from the traditional Stompin’ Tom sound, but Corb Lund’s “The Consumer”, The Cuddy/Polley Family Band’s “Don Valley Jail” and Whiskey Jack’s “Algoma Central #69” maintain that feeling.

The Album is a phenomenal salute to an incredibly talented and iconic Canadian figure. If you are a fan, this should be a part of your collection. If you are just starting to explore traditional country, this is a great album to pick up. Stompin’ Tom could spin one hell of a yarn.


Let me start by saying, I am a fan of The Road Hammers. I also think Jason McCoy is tremendous. However, I am always prepared to be objective, even when it is someone I really like (I believe I said I wasn’t a HUGE fan of ALL of Blake Shelton’s last album, and we know how I feel about him). But this. This here. What the hell, Road Hammers! You guys totally blew my doors off! “Crazy About You” was the first single to come off The Squeeze and it is the first of some seriously bad-ass songs.


Everything about this album is gritty. There is that southern rock feel that The Road Hammers have become known for, with a bit of extra grit thrown in for good measure. From the real rock sound of “The Squeeze” to the Kid Rock-esque “Detroit Alison” (Which is quiet possibly my FAVOURITE song on this album), every song reminds you of why you love Skynard. It reminds you of why you love The Kentucky Headhunters. It reminds you of why you loved The Road Hammers in the first place.

If you are looking for a ballad, you are in luck. “All Your Favourite Bands” slows it downs and wishes the best for someone…as only The Road Hammers can:

      “I hope that life without a chaperone / is what you thought it’d be / I hope your brother’s El Camino runs forever / I hope the world sees the same person / that you’ve always been to me/ and may all your favourite bands stay together”


The album ends with “One Horse Town” featuring Tim Hicks. They damn near blew my Bose up! You absolutely can not listen to this song without turning it up. I tried. It is impossible.

Their latest single from this album, “Your Love Is the Drug” (another wicked southern rock song from this group) was released on August 9 to Canadian Country Radio. Trust me when I say it is another killer song!

How I am just listening to this full album right now? I have no idea. I am clearly an idiot. If you are a fan and do not have this yet – GO AND GET IT! If you are a southern rock fan – GO AND GET IT! I had a chance to catch them at Craven and they blew me away! I will tell you more of those antics later.  Just…get the album.


Little kids are funny. You can ask them what they want to be when they grow up one day and the answer can change from day-to-day, or even hour to hour. In the case of Amanda Sadler, the decision was made at a pretty young age. She started dancing at 4, piano at 6 and then started singing shortly after that. She then began performing with a semi-professional youth performance group.  The “common denominator” (the term Amanda used) in all of these, was music. At 13 she got her first guitar, “That’s when I kind of started songwriting as well.” A love affair was born. “Looking back from there, it’s something I have been so passionate about since day one.”

Amanda Sadler

I asked what her parents thought about her wanting to do this. If there was ever an “enough is enough” moment. Amanda laughed, “They have been the most supportive people in the entire world. Sometimes it shocks me how incredibly supportive they are.” We talked about how parents seem to be more willing to support a child’s dream than let’s say in the 50’s. For example, if a son came home and said, “Hey Dad! Coach thinks I have a real shot at becoming a pro hockey player!” The chances are pretty good that Dad would respond with something similar to, “Forget the dream kid. You’re coming to work with me.” Now parents have more capacity to help the child attain that dream. Amanda made an interesting point, especially where the music industry is involved, “It’s a very interesting time that we’re living in now too because if you look back through the years, there was one way you would go about creating a career for yourself in the music industry. And today because of this amazing age we live in, with everything accessible online and stuff, there’s so many ways to go about building a fan base and getting your music out to people.”

Amanda’s latest release “Cross My Heart” is a wonderfully written break-up song. The video was released in June. The song is upbeat and carries this message of someone finally saying good-bye to someone. “I cross my heart you won’t cross my mind”. And good riddance! I asked her when we would get a chance to hear more. “We haven’t released any official details yet but there is definitely going to be an upcoming project coming out in the near future. That’s as much detail as I can give away right now.” So there is more to look forward to!

Cross My Heart Single Artwork (1)

Her first EP Light in 2015 was written entirely on her own. “It was definitely just a huge learning experience for me.” It hadn’t really been planned that way. She just got along so well with the producer that, well, the EP kind of…happened. At the beginning of her career, a lot of her music was written solo. As she has gotten to know more people, she has embraced the experience of collaboration. “There’s just so many amazing people to collaborate with so I try to do that as much as possible now.” Amanda spent a couple of months in Nashville last year and plans to do the same again this year. She also has been writing a lot over Skype, “Writing is a definitely a part of my daily process, that’s for sure!” While she enjoys being able to write with people from all over, she admits, “It is probably the scariest thing in the world to go to a co-write on Skype with someone you’ve never met before!” She laughed and we talked about how you just have to learn to embrace that “awkward” feeling, “I’ve never met you before, we’re talking over the internet and let’s write a super personal song right now.” We both were laughing at this point. She added, “It’s something that has been a wonderful experience for me.”

I read Amanda one of her own quotes (she sounded a bit nervous…),

“They have my heart and soul in them, along with a lot of coffee and some seriously worn out guitar pics.”

She laughed. It turns out Amanda is a huge coffee fan. You’ll be interested to know that she is a fan of neither Tim’s or Starbucks, “I’m really big on supporting local”. Local for Amanda is Kingston, Ontario. It seemed only fitting that I asked for the low-down on some of her favourite coffee haunts. “In Kingston, my current favourite is Crave ( It’s a new coffee shop that just opened I think last year on Princess Street. And they are absolutely fantastic! It’s really a great little vibe in there. They do a lot of specialty drinks and stuff. Then in Nashville, oh gosh, there’s so many good coffee shops in Nashville. My favourite neighbourhood is 12 South in Nashville and they’ve got a really great little coffee shop, a little restaurant called Frothy Monkey (yes…this is its name, I listened several times and: – Looks AMAZING!). That’s probably my favourite breakfast and coffee spot down there. But there is another one called Crema ( and their coffee is to die for as well.”

Coffee and songwriting aren’t the only loves of Amanda Sadler. She is also very committed to philanthropy. She originally enrolled at Queen’s University to study Sociology to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. While at school, she worked her way up from being an intern to being the president of the Vogue Charity Fashion Show ( While doing this she volunteered for The Learning Disabilities Organization of Ontario. Now as an artist, she can work on both her love of music and giving back, “I’m really excited to donate my time as a musician to different organizations.” Her next target is mental health and looks forward to doing more work in that area.

It doesn’t seem like Amanda has much time to herself. When she does, you can usually find her…writing songs. Since it never feels like work to her, “A lot of the time in my spare time I am writing or collaborating with other musicians.” She quickly adds, “I’m also a really big foodie. I absolutely love eating out so much.” She tries to check out local restaurants as much as she can.

We had a great chat! She is not only talented but absolutely delightful. Catch up with her on all of her socials:


TWITTER: @AmandaSadler

INSTAGRAM: @AmandaSadlerMusic

FACEBOOK: /amandafsadler


Please take a listen to Amanda’s latest single “Cross My Heart” then go pick it up!! I know you’ll love it as much as I do!








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Time To Get Those Summer Wheels Rollin’

What a busy Time! I’ve had interviews galore over the 2 weeks before my vacation, which of course means tons of great articles for you guys!

I’ll be honest. I tried to get this banged out before I started my vacation but there was really a lot going on. And trying to get this done while on holidays, impossible. Now, you’d think that with visiting family and being in the country, there would be time for writing. But with walks, drives to the beach, cross-stitch over chatting and cups of tea, a family wedding and well, just plain ol’ North Mountain living, writing was really hard. I won’t apologize. It was wonderful.


Halls Harbour, Nova Scotia


I would like to send out a couple of shout outs today.

First of all, long time friend of the blog (and “Bluenoser”) Andrew Frelick will be playing at the HUGE Cavendish Beach Music Festival in P.E.I this summer! I couldn’t go to Nova Scotia without mentioning SOME kind of east coast country news. He is confirmed to play the Emerging Artist’s Stage at the festival which is held from July 7-9 in Cavendish, P.E.I. The festival always has an amazing line-up of Canadian and American talent and this year Andrew is on the roster! I couldn’t be happier for him.

Someone else I’ve interviewed before has also had A LOT going on. Codie Prevost just released a brand new single. “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” is a fantastic song (so make sure you go get it) and it’s available on all digital media outlets. But as if releasing a new single wasn’t enough, he, wife Ashley and daughter Lyriq welcomed baby Everly Rae Prevost in to the world on May 27.


I KNOW! Sorry boys. I still have that “girl gene” and babies make me go silly. I try to keep it to a minimum so humour me. I’m going to try to find some time to catch up with Codie over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully this busy dad can fit me in!

And last, but certainly not least…I would like to thank the Habitation New Horizons Club of Port Wade, NS. My mom and I took in their Monday night Jam Session and had a great time! I promise I will brush up on my singing skills and belt out a few the next time I’m there (God help you all).

If you have never visited rural Nova Scotia, I recommend it. The people are friendly and hospitable. And if you are there in September, Centreville Community Hall does an AMAZING big breakfast every 3rd Saturday of the month until June. I should know…I had one the morning I left. Although I wasn’t born and raised in Nova Scotia, I always feel like I have been. My mom was and I always felt like she made sure we knew this part of who we are. I’m sure Halifax is lovely but I’ll take the valley or the bay shore over that any day.

A lot of new music has been coming out lately! It’s almost impossible to keep up! I try to put as much new music on the playlists as I can so you guys can take in the latest and greatest. So, let’s get started.




Canadian country music artists have been churning out some fantastic work as of late and this band is no different. When I was offered the opportunity to listen to the debut album of one of the hottest bands to watch, how could I say no.

RTS Album Cover

It is no secret that I am a huge supporter of River Town Saints. This freshman project, which released on June 9th, is really the epitome of what you can expect from this band; it’s light-hearted and fun.

The band, which hails from Ottawa, is made up of Chris Labelle, Chris McComb, Jeremy Barton, Jordan Potvin and Daniel DiGiacomo and they are SUPER social media heavy. If you like a good chuckle, you should follow them, they are hilarious. This aside, their new album is great! I really enjoyed it.

You can expect to find a couple of familiar songs on the album (“Cherry Bomb”, “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way” and “Bonfire”) but there is some really good new material on there for you to sink your teeth in to. Songs like “How I Got To You” and “Hangover It” – which is this upbeat song that is basically about the age-old saying ‘I’ll never drink again‘, really reminds you of the good time that you can expect when you see this band live. “Friday Night” has this great rock sound to it. How would I describe it? Take the movie “Dazed and Confused”, write a song about it and voila. And I like it! But wait….what is this? A ballad? “Woke Up Like This” is a slow song about falling in love unexpectedly after one night. I LOVED hearing a slow song from them. I only wish I could have gotten at least one more.

RTS Photo

If you are looking for an album to sit around on the deck and have a few beers with your friends with – this is it. Make sure you pick it up!


You will absolutely recognize her if you are a follower of contemporary Canadian country music. Tareya Green used to be a part of the well-known and critically acclaimed duo, Autumn Hill. At the end of last year, she and partner Mike Robins amicably went their separate ways and this Calgary native is now launching her solo career. Tareya took some time out of her busy schedule to tell me about herself, her new solo project and her single “Summer Wheels”, that was released to digital media on June 2.


This was the very first time I’ve had the opportunity to chat with her. She was so friendly! Although she is originally from Calgary, she hasn’t lived there for a number of years. “I’m like a gypsy. I’m back and forth so much that we are looking into motor homes.” She is contemplating returning to Calgary to spend some time with her family. I asked her what it was like moving from Calgary to Toronto because the two cities are so different. “It was pretty irrational,” Tareya started, “I actually just kind of packed a backpack and got on a plane and I moved here with no plan at all. I didn’t have a place to stay, I barely had any money in the bank. I just stayed in a hotel until I found a short-term lease and I started writing.” She commented that it was a quick but easy decision to make.

She got her beginnings when her parents bought her a karaoke machine in grade four. She would flip the tape over and write her own songs to the backing instrumentals. She would write harmonies and learned some basic piano chords so she could accompany herself. When YouTube came out, this gave Tareya a way to share her music, “I’ve always been a really shy person. So YouTube was this amazing way I could reach people in Macedonia and the United States and it was worldwide. I was getting people who wanted to hear me sing and it encouraged me to post more and more videos.” Not only was this a comfortable way for her to share her music, it was also how she was discovered by a record label.

After all of the success that Autumn Hill had experienced, I wondered why she would want to leave. “When I initially moved to Toronto, it was to pursue a solo path and I’ve always imagined myself as just a solo artist. But I learned so much about music and writing and the industry and even being in a partnership with Mike for five years. I Just learned so much and I am grateful for that entire experience.” There was, of course, also a question of timing. For Tareya, this naturally felt like the next step. Despite this, you have to wonder what feelings someone goes through when moving into a solo career after being part of a group or a duo. What is exciting? What is nerve-wracking? Tareya said, “It’s so thrilling. I’m really embarking on my life-long childhood dream right now and…I don’t even have words for it.” I can hear that Tareya is beaming as she says this. “I’m so excited and I’m a little intimidated by the whole process and I just really am discovering who I am as an artist.”


Mike Robins and Tareya Green – Autumn Hill

When I think about starting this blog, the possibilities were and are endless. Because I’m on my own, I get to do what I want. In some ways, I understand what it’s like to have the world completely opened to you. Tareya said, “This record is really interesting because I’m starting to really explore my own artistry and what’s inside and what I want to say to the world and share my experiences and get really creative with lyrics and production and mixing genres. I’m overwhelmed by the freedom and possibility of this record.” For her, understandably, this feels like the very beginning. I asked her what her feelings were going into this project, knowing that her fans associate her with being part of Autumn Hill. She said, “I really hope that fans aren’t sad or upset or they don’t feel let down. I hope they can identify with the journey. I hope that they love the music that I create on my own and not in a duo.” This album does put a bit of extra pressure on Tareya, as a lot of the decision-making she is doing on her own. There is a lot of trial and error involved. She admits, “While that’s really liberating, in a way it’s a lot more stressful because I want to make the best, most beautiful music possible.” What Tareya writes, comes from the heart,”I want everything on there to be honest. I don’t want to put a line in there that isn’t true for the sake of telling a story.”

Before the project got started, she decides to take a bit of “me” time. “The gratitude I have in my heart for Autumn Hill is overwhelming. But after the summer festivals finished off last Summer, we did so many, a crazy amount of fly dates (30-40 in 2 months), which was awesome, I’ve never experienced a summer like that. But once that was done, Mike and I had a good chat about what the future, the near future anyway, was going to hold for the both of us. Then I decided I was going to take 2 months, maybe up until December and just kind of not really focus on anything. Just totally disconnect from everything really.” This meant Facebook, Twitter, the works. She needed to re-centre. When it came down to it, “It felt like the right thing to do. The timing was just so.”

Then along comes “Summer Wheels”. If you haven’t picked up this single yet (released to digital on June 2), you should! With Florida beaches and the ocean being the inspiration behind this song, it’s bound to be a summer favourite (and it’s making the Craven playlist). Tareya’s husband happens to have a penchant for classic car auctions. So, every January, they head down south. Over the last couple of years she has fallen in love with the ocean. “We always get to drive these awesome classic cars down the coast of Florida. It was such a different experience for me.” It was very far removed from mountains, prairies and cowboys. “I really wanted to capture that moment in my life.”Summer Wheels” is just the beginning, as Tareya is working on a full album which is expected to release in September.

While being a member of Autumn Hill, Tareya played a huge number of shows. I asked her if there was anything that still made her nervous about going on stage. “For me, if I’m not nervous, I should be nervous because if I don’t have nerves I feel like I would put on a terrible show and be so boring!” She laughed. “Walking up the side stage stairs and then walking on to the stage is probably the most nerve-wracking part. But once you get out there and I start singing, that’s where my comfortable place is. I don’t think anyone is REALLY comfortable in front of 5, 10 or 30 thousand people but where I feel at home is in the music and in the songs.”

Her career hasn’t left for much spare time over the last few years, “I’m not very good at spare time.” But when she does get some, you can usually find her with her fur babies. “I love my dogs. They’re my life. If I’m not writing or in the studio or driving across the country, I am at the dog park or just playing with my dogs.” Her pups are from Nashville’s Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue ( “I’m a crazy dog lady!” She laughed.

Well, if you are wondering what Tareya is up to this summer. She will be in the studio working on her album and will be doing a lot of “Summer Wheels” promotion work. Keep up with this amazing lady on her socials:





Without further delay…here is “Summer Wheels” by Tareya!

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Liquor Loves To Call The Shots

Hi Everyone.

Before I start off with our usual shenanigans, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims in the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. It is unfortunate that something that should be bringing people together has been the centre of such a horrific act. Our hearts go out to you at this difficult time.

I always swore to not dwell on too much serious stuff on here. This is our escape from that. A way to unwind. So let’s continue.

The title of the blog relates to the artist I am featuring today but it is a great opportunity to tell you how this blog actually got started. I am not sure how many of you know the actual story. Well, I started fun tweeting Blake Shelton. Then sarcastic tweeting Blake Shelton. I could never get him to even LIKE one of my tweets, so I opted to switch to the smart-ass approach. After a few beverages, liquor started calling the shots. It became drunk, sarcastic tweeting. This didn’t happen once. It happened a number of times. And when I did it…I gained followers. When I looked them up, some of them were up and coming artists. I decided to start talking to some of them and interviewing them to put on this blog. And…here we are today. I know. Bizarre. And no. Blake Shelton still has never liked or re-tweeted me. It’s alright. I am ok with it now.

Let’s get on with the fun stuff.



Jason Kirkness has been quietly lurking in the background, preparing his latest project Beautiful Disaster (set to release May 30). We hadn’t heard from him in a while, then he comes out with this kick-ass summer tune “Whiskey Kiss”. (If you use my Spotify playlists, it is on the first one I did). “Whiskey Kiss” is just one of the tracks from this new album. So if you like it, you are in for a treat. For me, this is probably some of the best work of Jason’s that I have heard, and I have heard a lot of it.


This year has already been a pretty big year for Jason. Not only has he released a single, a video and set to release a whole new album, he has also signed with management company Edge Entertainment in Portland, Oregon. AND look for him on the main stage at Dauphin Countryfest with Ryan Keown, Meghan Patrick, Tim Hicks and Keith Urban.

Like I said, A Beautiful Disaster is some of the best work I’ve heard from Jason. The album has this theme of love found and lost, which I guess is why it’s a beautiful disaster – because love can be. From sweet melodies like ones found in “Take Your Picture” or “Man Like Me” (a very pretty song about being there for someone and being the person you need them to be), to the sexier “It’s What I Like About U” (which fans have come to love seeing live), he reminds us of who he is. Then he kicks it up a notch. Ok. A LOT of notches. If you want a good southern rock song for the summer “Good Life” will fit that bill! I also suggest “Tall Glass Of You”. It has this really catchy modern country sound. BOTH are making the Craven Playlist. There is a good blend of sweet and sassy on this album. “Barefoot” keeps us on a date night in and “One More Night” is a beautiful slow song about missing someone. There really is a good balance. Enough happy stuff to balance out the broken heart.

I am going to break it down to you. The whole album is great. It has a great summer feel and I can’t wait to hear it in my truck when I’m driving around. If you are hesitating at all (I don’t know why you would, but in case you are), I urge you to listen to the song “One More Fix”. This song is breath-taking. It is this haunting song about newly lost love and it is masterful. There is an orchestral section at the end that is exquisite.  This is le pièce de résistance on this album. Trust me. Pick this up. You will be so glad you did.


I would like to start off by saying that, honestly, I don’t know if I have laughed that much during an interview. Eric Ethridge is not only a really talented guy, he is charming and has a great sense of humour.


Eric was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, went to high school there and continues to live there. Well, he travels back and forth a lot between Sarnia, Nashville and Los Angeles for recording and writing. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario where he earned a degree in kinesiology/sports science. He even played football for the Western Mustangs. While he was going to university, he was playing in the bars in London. When graduation came, he couldn’t decide between going to chiropractic school full-time or pursuing music full time. So, he tried doing both. “It turns out it is very hard to do both,” he commented with joking surprise. In his third year of school he met his now manager who really pushed him to work toward his dream of music. She heard his demo and really felt like he had something. He went in and recorded a couple of songs and again, with this surprised sound in his voice, he said, “They turned out pretty good!”

His first gig was at a festival called Rock The Park In London, Ontario. He was booked for the side stage. “Our first gig was between a poncho stand and a popcorn stand. It was this little stage. I had a seven piece band. It was the weirdest thing. People were walking by and were like, ‘who are these guys?’ They wanted us  playing in between all of the main stage acts. That was right as Tim Hicks was really starting to bust out. his 5:01 record was out. “Here Comes The Thunder” was killing it on radio. Tim Hicks was there. Dean Brody was there. Darius Rucker was there. Eli Young Band was there and we were on this little stage beside the ponchos and people would walk by and be like, ‘these guys are alright.’ We played four sets throughout the day. Every time we went back to the stage, more and more people gravitated to us.” We joked about the ponchos being really spectacular. “By the fourth set, people were waiting for us to get back on stage!” That was just the beginning. That September, he opened for Brett Kissel. He loved the experience, “Brett Kissel brought me out on stage to sing Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of ’69” with him. I tell people that was my TSN turning point in my career.” Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Eric has had the opportunity to play with some pretty heavy-hitters in the industry. I asked him who some of his favourites have been, Without hesitation he said, “Chad Brownlee. I’ve played with Chad a whole bunch of times and he’s just such a nice guy. Really down to earth.” Eric continued, “Tim Hicks was fun. I’ve literally met everybody but Tim Hicks in the Canadian industry. He’s like this elusive ghost I’m trying to track down.” We joked about his near misses in meeting him. Tim – if you are reading this, can you just call Eric and put him out of his misery. Thanks.

The last couple of years have been quite a ride for Eric. In 2015, he was named runner-up in the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artists Showcase. In 2016, He was name winner of the CCMA Discovery Showcase. This year, Eric has released his first single, “Liquor’s Callin’ The Shots”. While on his first radio tour, Eric said, “Since the poncho stand, we’ve come a long way. This is about three years in the making. My dream has always been to travel the world playing music and I’ve never heard my own song on he radio. I’ve heard covers that I’ve done on the radio. But this is the first time hearing something that I’ve co-written on the radio and it was a pretty unbelievable experience.”


The song is great and it is a total summer song. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but it is a Jim Lahey quote (The Trailer Park Boys) – that is something you may NOT know. “It’s gotten a really awesome response from people at radio and on social media. People are loving it apparently. So this is great news because it’s scary releasing your first song to radio.” He came back and said, “It was terrifying.” He elaborated on this a little bit for me,”I’ve been working on this for three years now, officially. I’ve been playing music for over a decade, but really pushing hard for the last three years. There’s been a lot of times as an artist you really doubt yourself, you know.” Well, people certainly are loving it. “Liquor’s Callin’ The Shots” is currently sitting at number 38 on the Canadian Billboard Country Chart (up four spots from last week). Eric is planning to release another single in a couple of months and an album after that. I, for one, can not WAIT!

This summer, Eric can be seen at Tweed Stampede with Gord Bamford. He will also be playing in Nashville during CMA Fest. As Winner of the 2016 Discovery Program, he is offered an opportunity to perform in Music City. What’s even more exciting, is that this will be his first time going.

For more dates and information about this talented and super funny guy, check out his social media:





This was one of those interviews that make me wish I did a radio show. If you could hear him tell a story, you’d be dying. I wish him all the best. Let me leave you with the official lyric video for “Liquor’s Callin’ The Shots” by Eric Ethridge!

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What A Beautiful Freakshow!

Today I am posting something really rad. I said “rad”. I’m 42. I love old slang. I still say Dude. I am absolutely unapologetic for this.

By the way, I am not sure if you guys have been watching The Voice or not but there is this girl on Team Blake named Lauren Duski. I am making my prediction here. I think she will win the show. She is incredible. Such an impeccable performer. If you haven’t seen her, here is a clip from Monday night:


If you have EVER doubted the status of country music in Canada, from it’s quality right down to it’s popularity, I suggest you go and see Dean Brody’s Beautiful Freakshow Tour. Friday May 12th, Brody took the stage with not one, but two, phenomenal opening acts; James Barker Band and Madeline Merlo.

It’s 7 pm and enter James Barker Band. The stage is simple, but I’m in love with the two blow-up palm trees. Why? Because I would do this myself! It’s corny, but hilariously so. They come out full of piss and vinegar, as you’d expect and break into their single “Just Sayin'” The crowd enjoyed it.  James addresses the crowd, “I hope you brought your dancing shoes!” as they move into an impeccable cover of “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” by the Kentucky Headhunters. They played “It’s Workin'” a great upbeat song from their latest album and the crowd really responded well to it. Being the opening act, there were still people coming in. But the people who were there were really warming up.

JBB 1 (1)

One of the highlights for me was when they came to the front of the stage to “Livin’ The Dream” acoustically. The opening harmony was divine and I LOVED how it felt authentically bluegrass. Bravo. And if you are enjoying their latest single “Chills”, which is currently number four on the charts, it sounds even better live. It is easy to get completely wrapped up in this song even in an arena setting.

JBB 2 (1)

The boys wrapped up their set with their hit “Lawn Chair Lazy”. Everyone was having a fantastic time! JBB did an outstanding job and I can honestly say I look forward to seeing them again.

I made sure to get in line to get a photo:


Next up, my girl Madeline Merlo. FINALLY, I got see her live. I am so glad I did. This was her first night out on the Beautiful Freakshow Tour, but it was obviously not her first night on stage. She looks so comfortable and fluid on stage. She came out and started out with her hit “Honey Jack”. It was smokey and bluesy and you can tell the crowd was really enjoying it. When she finished she addressed the crowd, “You look so beautiful tonight!” The guys in front of me yelled back “SO DO YOU, MADELINE!” I actually did laugh out loud. But they were right, she did look great.

mm1 (1)

She then moved in to “Whatcha Wanna Do About It” which was a  huge hit for Madeline. The crowd really sang along with this one. Myself included. This got us primed for her latest single “Motel Flamingo”. Being released to digital outlets on May 19th and to radio on May 24th, this fantastic summer song paints a fantastic picture of a cheap and cheesy hotel and a really good time. The song is fantastic! When it is released, I highly suggest picking it up.

mm2 (1)

She sounded incredible singing her break-up anthem “Over And Over” and a new song of hers called “Fresh Out”. What really captivated the audience was a fantastic acoustic set. What you may not know about Madeline is that her mother is a huge country music fan and her father was a funk musician. So it is safe to say, that Madeline is pretty eclectic in her taste. She sat down and was quite interactive with the audience and did beautiful covers of “I’m So Lonesome I could Cry” by Hank Williams and “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” By Michael Jackson both of which were great.

mm3 (1)

Madeline’s set ended with the very popular “War Paint”. An absolute treat to hear live!

I was so glad that I finally got to meet her:

mm4 (1)

Now. Dean Brody. I don’t know how it is at all possible that I have never seen this man live. But I promise you, that will never happen again. The room got dark and the room filled with sounds of crickets chirping, a chainsaw (which Brody is known for) and him having a discussion with a buddy. The lights come up and Brody hits the stage. From the moment he does, the crowd is on their feet and singing along with “Bush Party”.  He is Absolutely a showman!

DB1 (1)

He commanded people’s attention through the whole show.  As he moved through “Dirt Road Scholar”, “Upside Down” and “People Know You By Your First Name”, it is easy to see why he is an award-winning performer. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of gas from some dueling chainsaws?? Yes. Dueling chainsaws.

Brody decided to break off in to the crowd and set up a “campfire” at the back of the arena. It was this quiet, intimate moment. He sang one of my favourite songs of his, “Little Yellow Blanket”. Seeing him do this acoustic, right in front of me, was magnificent.

DB4 (1)

Ending the night with “Canadian Girls” and 2 encores (one of them being “Bring Down The House), The whole evening was wall-to-wall fun.

If this tour is coming through your town and you have a chance to get tickets, I highly recommend that you do.

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CMAOntario Awards Are On Their Way

Hey, hey there! I know! I am publishing another post really quick. But there is some really exciting stuff coming up that I want you to hear about.  This way, if you have the opportunity to take part, you still have time to do it.


It is CMAOntario Awards time again and this year, they have been moved to London, On. I was invited to participate again, but regretfully, I had to decline. I will be in Nova Scotia with my family at that time. So it’s a very happy trade-off. That being said, I still think that they are great people and absolutely want to support them in any way that I can. So today, I will bring you the nominees for the awards and some of the really fun stuff going on because, this year, there are a couple of new events happening!

Since Thursday is the new Friday, everything gets rolling on June 8th at the Purple Hill County Hall. Presented by Country 107.3, The Legacy Show features a lineup of Canadian talent that has helped pave the way for artists in Ontario and Canada in general. It includes: Charlie Major, Genevieve Fisher, Kiley Joe Masson, Marie Bottrell, The Good Brothers, Wendell Fergusson and special guest Aaron Pritchett. Doors open at 6 pm and the show begins at 7 pm. Tickets are $40 and can be purchased by calling 519-461-0530 or emailing


If you are a sports fan, perhaps you’d like to take in the Artists vs. Media Charity Softball Game. Being held on Friday, June 9th at Labbatt Memorial Park, doors open at 6 pm and game time is 7 pm. Entrance fee is “pay what you can” (donation). A portion of the proceeds will be going to support the Unison Benevolent Fund and a portion will go to a local charity. The anthem will be sung by The Small Town Girls. At 9 pm there will a concert center field featuring Genevieve Fisher, Leah Daniels and The Abrams. Who can you expect to see sweating it out on the field? The artist roster currently includes: Aaron Pritchett, Dani Strong, Gavin Slaight, Genevieve Fisher, James Barker Band, Jason Blaine, Jason McCoy, Leah Daniels, River Town Saints and The Abrams. What a fantastic (and fun) way to get out and support a great cause. If you know anything about Chris Labelle and Jason McCoy, it is safe to say shenanigans will probably ensue.


Leah Daniels

That weekend will also see the R2I (Road To Independence) Spring Tune Up Conference on Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th. This year, the conference will be held in the Delta London Armouries. This is a phenomenal two-day conference full of advice, learning and mentoring. Participants will be able to partake in panels and receive one-on-one coaching on digital marketing, navigating Nashville, songwriting, promotion, funding, and more. The stories and pointers that the artists and professionals provide is really invaluable. Even as a blogger, I found that I walked away with things that I have employed that I know have helped. For more information and tickets, please visit


Get ready to kick up your boots on Saturday night with the New Faces Showcase and Concert! This gives some up-and-comers an opportunity to show their stuff. The showcase lineup is still to be announced, but there will be a concert performance by River Town Saints and Eric Ethridge. Eric is the CCMA 2016 Discovery Program winner and recently released his first single “Liquor’s callin’ the shots” and it is doing great! I am working on an interview I had with him. This guy is a riot and has tons of energy. So if you have a chance to take in this free concert at Market Square (Dundas St. and Market Lane) that night, I suggest you do!

Eric E.jpg

Eric Ethridge

The whole weekend winds up with the 5th annual CMAOntario Awards presented by Slaight Music with support from the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Being held at Centennial Hall, this gala evening will be hosted by the very talented (and very funny) Jason McCoy and the house band for the evening will be The Western Swing Authority. Performances will include: Genevieve Fisher, Jessica Mitchell, River Town Saints, Aaron Pritchett, Jason Blaine, Cold Creek County, James Barker Band, Tim Hicks, Deric Ruttan, The Abrams, and nomination front-runner, Meghan Patrick. Doors open at 6 pm and the show begins at 7 pm. Tickets are available at


Blue Rodeo will be receiving the Impact Award for making a long and lasting impression on the country  music and Canadian music scene alike. I am sure we can all agree that their music has woven its way into the tapestry of everyday Canadian life. This award is much deserved.


Let’s take a look at the rest of the nominees:



“Beer Weather” – Cold Creek County

“Cherry Bomb” – River Town Saints

“Lawn Chair Lazy” – James Barker Band

“Still Lovin’ You” – Meghan Patrick ft. Joe Nichols

“Workin’ On Whiskey” – Jessica Mitchell



Born To Love – The Lovelocks

Country Side – Jason Blaine      

Grace And Grit – Meghan Patrick

Shake These Walls – Tim Hicks

Till The Wheels Come Off – Cold Creek County


Deric Ruttan


Deric Ruttan, Craig Wiseman – “Came Here To Forget” by Blake Shelton

James Barker, Gavin Slate, Travis Wood – “Lawn Chair Lazy” by James Barker Band

Jessica Mitchell, Dave Thomson, Patricia Conroy – “Workin’ On Whiskey” by Jessica Mitchell

Meghan Patrick, Patricia Conroy, Philip Barton – “Grace And Grit” by Meghan Patrick

Tim Hicks, Todd Clark, Gavin Slate, Travis Wood – “Stompin’ Ground” by Tim Hicks



Genevieve Fisher

Jessica Mitchell

Leah Daniels

Meghan Patrick

Tianna Woods



Jason Blaine

Marshall Dane

Tim Hicks

Deric Ruttan




The Abrams

Autumn Hill

Cold Creek County

James Barker Band

River Town Saints



The Abrams

Buck Twenty

Meghan Patrick

River Town Saints

Dani Strong



The Abrams

Jessica Mitchell

Lindi Ortega

Kelly Prescott

The Western Swing Authority



Autumn Hill

Jason Blaine

Cold Creek County

Tim Hicks

James Barker Band

River Town Saints

Meghan Patrick




Steve Coady – Warner Music Canada

Mike Denney – MDM Recordings

Catherine Faint – Catherine Faint Entertainment

Amanda Kingsland – Rogers Radio

Dave Woods – “In The Country”



“Bow Chicka Wow Wow” – Meghan Patrick

“Cherry Bomb” – River Town Saints

“Dance With My Daughter” – Jason Blaine

“Lawn Chair Lazy” – James Barker Band

“What Love Is All About” – Johnny Reid



The Agenda, Leah Daniels (Leah Daniels)

Jason Barry (Dean Brody, Genevieve Fisher, The Western Swing Authority, Tianna Woods)

Dan Brodbeck (Dani Strong)

Gavin Brown (The Abrams)

Dave Thomson (Jessica Mitchell)



KX 94.7 (Hamilton)

BX 93 (London)

KX 96 (Oshawa)

Country 101.1 (Ottawa)

Country 104 (Woodstock)

New Country 94 (Ottawa)



Country 92.9 (Chatham)

Cool 100.1 (Belleville)

KICX 91.7 (Sudbury)

Country 104.3 (Sault Ste. Marie)

Country 93.5 (Kingston)



Country 103 (Little Current)

Star 96 FM (Pembroke)

KICX 106 (Orillia)

Country 107.3 (Tillsonburg)

Country 93 (Owen Sound)

If you live nearby or have the means to get out to London, this is a fantastic experience and you should be a part of it. I really enjoyed mine last year. I made some great connections and some great friends. I may not be going this year but I am already looking forward to next year. And trust me, I am there in spirit(s).

Since the weather is warming up and festival season is upon us, I think I will leave you with one of the Music Video Of The Year nominees. Performing at MTS Center here in Winnipeg on Friday May 12th in the Dean Brody “Beautiful Freakshow” tour along with Madeline Merlo, here is James Barker Band with “Lawn Chair Lazy”:

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A Bit Of A Country Crush

Hi Everyone!

Weather is better, excited about Craven, blah, blah, blah. There are a couple of topics that are a little more important that I wanted to start off with today.

I originally started today’s post completely different. It was a little more like the above format. But a few weeks ago on Twitter, I kind of “got into it” with someone from the “Shefani” fandom over me saying that there is no make-up in fishing when it came to Gwen Stefani. Ok. Ok. I was make-up shaming. I just don’t see the point. Listen. I have followers and I follow people on both sides of the Miranda|Blake battle. I say great things about both artists. I am sorry Miranda haters, but you cannot deny that she has grown as an artist. She has never looked or sounded better than she does right now. Even I am a convert. Blake, well, I have an undying love for him and I really enjoy his music, even though this last album was a little…whiny. He is a different man. I am not sure he is different in a way I like yet. I miss the tweets about being in the garden. I miss the tweets about being out hunting in the bush. I miss Saturday mornings when he would tweet away like crazy and it felt like he was having coffee with his fans. That to me is who he is. Or, who he was. I still really enjoy him as an artist so I will continue to tweet how fantastic I think he is.

When Miranda won ACM’s Female Vocalist of the year, part of her acceptance speech really struck a chord with me:

“I’m just glad to see females kicking ass these days. I’m so proud to be a part of that.”

Artist or not, Miranda fan or not, as a woman, this should inspire you. This should make you sit up and take notice. Because her music has something to say. There is a reason The Weight of These Wings won an award. And it has nothing to do with ACM politics. It is a bloody good album. It’s honest – whether or not you want to hear it. So, maybe you guys can cut me a little slack here.

Second, the Juno Awards. I am Facebook friends with and follow on Twitter this hilarious gal, Jenn Dalen. She is the Program Director at Real Country 95.5 and a bunch of other stations. On Juno night, she tweeted:
Jenn Dalen Tweet.pngI agree vehemently, of course! It is like people haven’t listened to country in the last 50 years. It isn’t all about “I lost my truck, I lost my dog, I lost my trailer, etc…” Country has progressed in so many ways. Well, I don’t need to tell you guys! You are reading my blog. I guess I find it frustrating and quite honestly, patronizing. I really try to open myself to other music, and I do listen to and enjoy other types (I LOVE jazz and I really like hard rock). But, come on! Country music in Canada is big enough to warrant having its own TELEVISED award show. How can you possibly still be cracking jokes and making fun of a genre that obviously has grown leaps and bounds? Alright, I’ll get off my soap box now.

In fun-filled news, River Town Saints stopped in Winnipeg while on tour with Kip Moore.

Steve RV

Welcome to Winnipeg, Steve RV!

I FINALLY got the opportunity to see them! These guys are fun and energetic as well as talented. Hearing hits such as “Cherry Bomb” and “Bonfire” live really was a treat. Chris Labelle really owns the stage and the group as a whole really get the crowd moving.


River Town Saints at The Burt

I was so glad that the guys did a meet and greet after their set! I hadn’t seen them since CMAO last year so it was nice to quickly catch up  (note to self: need less cheesy grin):

RTS Meet and Greet

And to collect on what is turning out to be my annual group hug:

RTS Group Hug


If you ever have the opportunity to see these guys in action – DO IT!! It will be absolutely worth it!


Say what you want about reality television, but The Voice has really done well in the world of country music. Danielle Bradbery, Cassadee Pope, and of course, Blake Shelton darling, RaeLynn. She has definitely been making her mark on Nashville, Her latest album WildHorse was released on March 24. Shelton was sure to show his support on Twitter:

BS Tweet

The title track on the album is a great song about being young and having an unapologetically wild spirit. The song expresses the feeling of being untameable and wanting someone to accept her, flaws and all. Even at 42, I find this song to be relatable. The melody is sweet and I found it enjoyable to listen to. However, if you are not a fan of high female voices, you will not enjoy RaeLynn. She can reach into those upper octaves. I encourage you to check it out though. The message is fantastic and the music sounds great.

If you watched the ACM’s then you saw these two perform this song live. If you didn’t, It looked a lot like this:

This song is 100% kick you in the ass, make you jump out of your seat, one heck of a good time! Both singers are known for this genre of party country and putting them together is just genius, THIS is making the Craven playlist without a doubt! It is also making yours.


Here’s the playlist:


It is hard to not have a girl crush on Madeline Merlo. She is so sweet and adorable and awesome to talk to. She and I got to chat again a little while back.  


She had just been in Nashville (or, in honour of play-offs, “Smash-ville”). I asked her how her time there was. She said it was wonderful, “I love Nashville.” So what does Madeline like to do while working down south? “My favourite thing is definitely, just finding music to see. The more times I go down there, you kind of get to know some people and somebody’s playing here and you go to see them. Like The Listening Room is definitely somewhere to go and watch a songwriters round. Or you know, The Bluebird-type of situation.” She doesn’t really go out on the town too much when she is in Music City. “I try to be focused when I’m there so I try not to go out too much because I get too excited, you know.” As far as eats go, Madeline is loco for tacos. “Mas Tacos ( in East Nashville is my go to place.” She also gives a shout out to Bar Taco (  on 12th Ave. S. The conversation couldn’t be left without discussing BBQ, “Yeah, you gotta go get a BBQ fill always. I always have one night where I eat everything and go to sleep with a smile on my face.”

We started talking a bit about her single “Over and Over”. At the time we spoke, it was sitting at number 17 on the Canadian Country Music Chart, which was 4 spots above Miranda Lambert. I mentioned this to her. “Wow! That’s insane,” she replied. The song was written by Jeff Pardo and one of my favourites, Jason Blaine. I asked her how the pairing came about. “It actually just was in an email surrounded by 20 songs, kind of like a pitch email from his publishing company and I didn’t even know it was Jason Blaine writing it or singing or anything. That song just kind of stood out to me in the pure fact that, well, I loved the song and the melodies and everything but I felt like the subject matter was something that I had been through and had been in completely and just had that relationship. And for me, I don’t cut a lot of outside music but when I do, it always has to be right on the nose of something that I’ve experienced or every word has to be something that I would say.” She and I had discussed songwriting before. I know that Madeline writes from her experiences and from her heart. She continued, “I really felt this song was true to a situation that I had been in and every piece of an album is an expression of me, so I want everything to be truthful and when people hear that song they’re going to be like ‘Oh, Madeline went through that’ and that’s true, even though I didn’t put the pen to paper for that one,” I think a number of us can relate to that situation. I agree with Madeline. The melodies on this song are gorgeous and it is one of my favourites right now.


This young lady has been very busy. On top of recording an album and writing music, she filmed a movie called “Country Crush” last summer. She admits that her involvement happened in a very random way, “The director and the creative team were looking on the internet for basically a singer to play the star and they just emailed my manager.” There was no doubt that Madeline fit the look and had the sound they were looking for, but could she act? When approached, her reply was, “I dunno. Maybe?” Her manager told her to give it a shot. So she did. She made a self-made tape and sent it in. She was cast for the part a few days later.

Country Crush.png

Shooting a film is a pretty different scene from performing on stage. I asked her about her time during filming. “It was the craziest experience. Just so out of my element. It’s similar to music in the fact that everything comes from a place of passion and emotion. But man, like, just memorizing lines and trying to be realistic and working with such a cast and a crew and every day is 16 hours. It’s a lot of work and it was really long hours.” Despite the loss of sleep, Madeline says, “It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I learned so much.” She added, “I love to be challenged in that way.”

She co-stars in the film with Jana Kramer and Munro Chambers to name a few. She said, “You feel such a connection to your co-stars and your character. I loved my character and I wanted to portray her in the best way possible. So it was really a crazy experience.” I asked her to tell me a little bit the character she is playing. Nancy is an aspiring singer (obviously a role she is familiar with). She is just trying to make music and find her way her way in the process. During her journey she encounters a producer who is up to no good. “Luckily I haven’t been through that situation with a bad producer or anything but man, I could understand that desperation.” Those aren’t the only parallels between Madeline and Nancy. She describes her character as “sweet but will tell you what’s up if you cross her”. Madeline laughed, “I’m a nice, approachable person but I will not be walked all over.” She paused for a moment, “I’m Italian, you know, so…” We both laughed. I’m part Irish so I indeed understand.

Country Crush is a musical in the style of “Glee” or “High School Musical” but with country music. We spoke about the target audience maybe being a bit young but I did point out that there was an older generation of “Glee” fan that may like this as well. She said, “There’s some deep story lines and some emotion in the film as well.” So there is a little something for everyone. The premiere was open to the public on March 31st and Madeline and her band performed a couple of songs from the film.  The soundtrack released on March 10th. She wasn’t really sure what to expect since the whole experience was so new. We laughed and said that this is going to make filming music videos seem like a piece of cake. She commented, “It IS stressful though. Imagining sitting there watching it surrounded by everybody, judging it and thinking about it at the same time. That gives me a bit of anxiety. At least when you’re on stage, you’re away from it and you leave and then they can talk about it but I’m going to be sitting there, you know?” Madeline is a perfectionist. And she is far more critical of herself than others are of her. In some ways I relate to that, as I have re-worked this article a couple of times.

Madeline has a busy summer schedule coming up. She is currently on the Beautiful Freakshow tour with Dean Brody and James Barker Band. I was lucky enough to be invited to this event to cover it so I will be bringing that review shortly! She is also going on a huge festival tour which INCLUDES Dauphin Country Fest, Cavendish and Big Valley Jamboree.  If you are interested in finding out more about Madeline or want to check out where you can see this talented young lady on tour this summer, here’s her info:





I couldn’t be more pleased for this girl. She is a true testament to the idea that hard work and dedication do pay off. But for now, I would like to leave you with the Country Crush trailer! Have a great day!

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